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Give yourself a Winning Edge with us! Whether your competition field has artificial turf, a cluttered desk, or kids’ toys, we’re going to train you to win at the game of life. No matter how you spend your days, life gets better when your body feels (and looks) good.

We’re a family-owned gym, and we treat our members like part of the family. When you’re here, you’re going to feel right at home. You’ll be working out next to people of every size, shape, age and ability level who all have one thing in common - the desire to be better.

Stay-at-home parents, retirees, office warriors and professional athletes all train with us. We want you to be next. Sign up for your free intro session now. We can’t wait to meet you!


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"I've been to many places in my life but nothing compares to this all the coaches are very helpful very knowledgeable and caring people that want nothing but the best for you my experience at Winning Edge Fitness has been one of a kind and I will continue to work with them because I love the atmosphere and the people that are there you don't get that kind of help anywhere else thank you coaches for believing in me."

Joanie C.
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"5 stars. I’m a newbie at [functional fitness] and just looking for a sanctuary when life gets too crazy and Winning edge gave me that, it has become so much more than a gym for me. The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and kind they answer all your questions, they make sure you are safe ,and doing the workout correctly .no matter what fitness level you're at this the place to be, they make you feel welcomed,They treat you like a family everyone here is nice and helpful. I just love this place! I highly recommend this place !!!"

Ryan H.
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"Everything about this place is great! Caring, fun, and highly knowledgeable coaches. All members make you feel like you are family right from the start. The community and atmosphere is amazing! You’ll never have that boring workout ever again. Trust me, it will be like your second home."

Brian D.